Burgherspost set aside roughly two thirds of the farm or 1150 Ha for the conservation of the critically endangered Cape Lowlands Fynbos. The reserve is registered with Cape Nature as a voluntary conservation site as part of the Cape Nature Stewardship program. We have appointed an experienced, qualified conservation officer to manage the reserve and ensure that the rich and highly threatened biodiversity remains ecologically functional and protected for future generations to enjoy.

Burgherspost together with other surrounding landowners are currently in negotiations with Cape Nature to establish a large conservancy of continuous natural vegetation to buffer against the effects of climate change and allow natural processes to adapt and move with the change in climate regimes.
In our fenced area, we've reintroduced locally indigenous wildlife and manage them closely at conservative numbers.

These include:

- Eland
- Gemsbok
- Zebra
- Springbok
- Grey Rhebuck

As part of our accommodation tariff, we include a game drive so that guests can see first hand the work we've been doing to conserve our natural heritage.

We have also partnered up with BWI to sustainably manage our farming activities in an ecological and sensitive manner. The BWI is a pioneering partnership between the South African wine industry and the conservation sector. Their goals are to minimize the further loss of threatened natural habitat and to contribute to sustainable wine production, through the adoption of biodiversity guidelines by the South African wine industry.

In accordance to BWI recommendations, in addition to setting aside land for conservation, we are also monitoring the impact of our farming practices on the environment.
This meant:
- Doing away with pesticides
- Minimizing the use of herbicides and fertilizers
- Clearing the farm of alien vegetation
- Managing a system of fire breaks to prevent the spread of wild fires.
- Initiating a recycling and waste water management program.

Please visit the BWI website for more: